Rita Dickinson
Founder & Remote Frequency Practitioner

Rita is an experienced Irodologist, Sclarologist, and Massage therapist educated in over 2 modalities including magnets, Kinesiology, and Frequency. She struggled many health issues for many years since she was kid that she even undergone a total of 23 surgeries.

She was 28 years old and desperate to get off the " Medical Merry-go-round". She started studying herbs at 21 and later became on herbalist. She spent the last 30 years helping healing people naturally. Her research led her to an herb called chickweed. Chickweed dissolves scar tissue.  

Rita is now sharing her passion with her clients using a device to scan people. It puts perfect health frequencies into the body to remind the body what it should be doing. It brings balance to emotion, chemistry and function. The reports of her service are all amazing!

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